Lightweight Wheels

With oversized mag wheels becoming more popular, many aren’t sure if bigger really is better. However, there’s no simple answer, and it usually depends on what the buyer wants and the size of the vehicle. If a person wants big wheels for aesthetic reasons, that’s fine, but there are two things to consider: big wheels are heavy and they can raise a vehicle’s center of gravity. Here, buyers will learn how to find the right size wheels for their vehicles.

Lightweight Wheels for Better Performance

Lightweight wheels can increase a vehicle’s overall performance. Because of the law of inertia, a wheel in motion wants to continue moving in the same direction; the heavier a wheel is, the more difficult it is to control. With large wheels, the perimeter gets progressively heavier as diameter increases. Wheels with heavy perimeters are harder to steer, and shock absorbers have to work harder to keep them on the road.

Heavier Wheels Don’t Hold the Road Well

For good grip, the contact patch on the tyres must remain on the road. If wheels bounce or if tyres don’t remain on the surface of the road, the vehicle can lose traction. It can be difficult to maintain traction at high speeds or on bumpy roads. The more weight shocks and springs must absorb, the harder they work to keep the tyres on the road. Lighter wheels lessen the vehicle’s unsprung weight, which can improve road-holding characteristics.

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Choose Low-Profile Tyres for Better Performance

Choosing bigger rims allows a vehicle owner to fit cheap tyres in Brisbane without changing ground clearance or wheel perimeter. Low profile tyres have a larger contact patch, and they can compensate for the disadvantages of heavier wheels to an extent.

Big Doesn’t Have to Mean Heavy

Wheel barrels made of steel become too heavy at about a 16″ diameter. For everyday use, cast alloys are a good option in sizes up to 20″; for performance driving, lightweight forged wheels are a good option at sizes of 18″ and greater. Forged wheels are lighter than the cast variety, and they are more resistant to bending and cracking.

Wheel weight is a determining factor in vehicle performance. Replacing standard-sized wheels with equivalently sized alloys can improve a vehicle’s handling and overall performance without sacrificing ride quality. Bigger mag wheels near me can improve a vehicle’s looks, but must be carefully chosen to avoid negative effects on a vehicle’s road-handling and comfort.

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